Started new job at Mettle as a Full Stack Laravel Developer.
Failed at Shopify Technical Coding Interview.
Thank you so much #Laravel community and @ThePracticalDev for such an awesome platform :) https://twitter.com/Zubairmohsin33/status/1391100474414219264
Introducing Record Spaces ( @SpacesRecord ). On-demand premium service to help you record your Twitter Spaces session. No more tweets like: - was this recorded? - damn I missed it! - sorry not able...
Failed at completing BURPRIL challenge 2021. Challenge was to do 100 Burpees a day during the whole month of April. I could only get to Day8.
Added Global Rate Modifiers feature to our Postcode Shipping app. From UI with React to Laravel back-end and feature tests, it was a great experience working on it.
How are you able to dispatch closures ( anonymous functions ) in Laravel even though PHP doesn't support serializing closures? Behind the scenes it uses `opis/closure`. Learn how and more in today'...
Made a contribution to Spatie's laravel-backup package by adding Discord as notification channel.
What are PHP-FIG and PSRs? What are their roles in PHP frameworks like Laravel? What is PSR-11 Container Interface? I tried to answer some of these questions in today's blog post about `psr/contain...
1000 awesome people joined me on Twitter 😍
Helped a fellow Developer to start his Laravel journey.
Hosted a Twitter Spaces session with Claudio Dekker. We talked about his recent employment at Laravel, Inertia.js and open-source.
Organized a Twitter Spaces session with Steve McDougall. We talked about PHPOnline, Laravel and open-source. Also, few interesting questions from the audience.
What are UUIDs? How Laravel generates UUIDs? Where `ramsey/uuid` package comes into play? I try to answer these questions and more in this blog post.